Bike to Work Day
Russian national campaign
The national Bike to Work Day in Russia takes place three times a year. The initiative aims to show that going by bike on the everyday basis can be easy and comfortable and does not require any special clothes or training. This is not a bike parade that usually has an exact route and time — Bike to Work Day participants just cycle by their own routes to their own destinations (work, university, grocery store, etc).
In order to motivate beginners to go to work by bike for the first time organizers and companies hold contests and make special pit-stops for cyclists in the city. Campaign partners give discounts and bonuses to the clients on bikes.

In Moscow the initiative is held by the cycling advocacy project Let's bike it! with support of the Moscow Department of Transport. In Sankt-Petersburg the organizer is the non-governmental project "Velosipedization of St. Petersburg". In other cities it is organized by the representatives of public associations, city administrations and business.

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